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Christmas Pages for Kids: A Guide

Christmas is most magical when you have kids around to share it with. Passing on holiday traditions, making goodies and crafts, and sharing stories helps bring out the child in all of us. The Internet offers a vast collection of Christmas-themed sites, but a great many of them really aren't worth your time. Look to these sites and pages for holiday fun. All are kid-tested and parent-approved.

Christmas History and Trivia

The Christmas traditions we celebrate today all have roots in history and culture. It's fascinating to look at where some of our favorite things - like Christmas trees and the exchanging of gifts - originated. It's also fun to explore the ways holidays are celebrated in different places around the world. Kids benefit from learning more about other countries, and it's fun to find ways to integrate some of the things you learn into your own holiday activities.

Christmas and Holiday Traditions and Customs - This page reveals a bit of the history behind Christmas, and how some of our most time-honored traditions came to be. Do you know how to say "Christmas" in Finnish or Italian? You will after a visit to this site.

Victorian Christmas - Want to add some old-fashioned flavor to your holiday? This page has lots of fun historical facts about Christmas in Victorian era England. There are also traditional crafts and recipes you can make as a family.

History Channel Christmas Pages - Older kids and teens might enjoy these excellent articles and videos delving into the history of the holiday.

Christmas Around the World - On this site, kids can click on various national flags to find out more about how kids in that country celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Crafting is one of the best - and often cheapest - ways to get kids involved in holiday festivities. Little ones love to get out the art supplies and make things with their own hands. It's a really great way to spend time with little ones, and they'll learn that the best gifts are not always found in the store. Look through the sites below to find lots of ideas for Christmas craft projects and homemade gift ideas that you can make with kids. There are instructions for handcrafting ornaments, making cards, and more.

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Enchanted is less visually dazzling than some of the other sites in this section, but it's full of ideas and directions for creating your own fun and festive Christmas crafts.

Christmas Decorations, Cards, and Crafts - Here you'll find a lengthy collection of cute and unique craft ideas for kids. From a bottle nipple Rudolph to a homemade Santa puppet, there's no shortage of inspiration here.

Top 38 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids - Look here for dozens of tutorials (each with high quality photos) for making adorable, easy, and inexpensive holiday crafts and gifts with your kids.

Spoonful's Christmas Crafts - From Disney's comes this listing filled with tons of very cute crafts, ornaments, and homemade cards that kids can make. Look around the site for easy holiday treat recipes.

Christmas for Kids - As usual, Martha Stewart comes through with some amazing ideas for making gorgeous crafts, ornaments, decorations, and recipes. All of the projects come complete with high-resolution images for reference as well as step-by-step instructions.

Things to Make and Do - The Crafty Crow, a favorite kids crafting site, has plenty of unique and oh-so-cute ideas for making gifts, cards, and other crafty Christmas-themed things.

Christmas Games for Kids

Another way to celebrate the holidays with children is by playing festive games. Most kids are always ready to play, and jump at the chance to try a new game. You can keep the themes of the season going by offering them holiday-specific games to play. In this section, you'll find some fun online Christmas games and activities for kids. There are also some ideas for games you can play at home as a family and with friends at holiday parties.

Christmas Games and Puzzles - Who knew that Christmas and Math could go together? The people at did, and so they put together several yuletide games that also teach kids key Math concepts.

Christmas Party Games - Throwing a holiday shindig? Find some ideas for unique and fun games to play with your guests. All are suitable for children, and most are geared specifically for them.

Christmas Games and Activities for ESL Kids - If you want to infuse holiday themes into your English as a Second Language curriculum, look here. There are plenty of games, lessons, and sing-along Christmas carols.

Elf School - This fun site lets kids teach at "Elf School" and, upon successful completion of the course curriculum, receive a personalized diploma.

Fun Sites for Kids at Christmastime

These sites are some of the best around when it comes to Christmas fun for kids. Each has multiple activities to keep them entertained and delighted. Let them watch Santa as he is tracked across the globe by radar, or send them to a virtual North Pole where they can visit reindeer or create a personalized Christmas story in which they are the main character.

NORAD Santa Tracker - Modern technology has changed the way we do everything, including anticipating Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve. Kids can follow his route across the globe on this fun and realistic site. They can even watch videos of Santa taking off or touching down at key locations.

The North Pole - This site is the perfect place for young kids to visit around Christmastime. There are games, recipes, stories, and a place where kids can submit a letter to Santa - and receive a reply!

Why Christmas - This is an all-around great site full of Christmas activities, trivia, and more. Kids can find out the origins of Christmas traditions and hear classic tales. There are lots of fun extras, too - like jokes, and recipes, and the option to turn your screen into a burning Yule log. Kids Zone - This page has links to games and activities, recipes, stories, quizzes, and more. Kids can write a letter to Santa and even read some notable letters he has received from children over the years.