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Ultimate Knitting Resource Guide

The universe of knitting resources available to both first-timers and experienced knitters continues to expand each year. While knitting basic baby booties and scarves is still popular, more ambitious and creative knitting projects have also become popular with people knitting everything from purses, stuffed animals and funky hats. Some people find knitting relaxing and use it as a way to unwind after a stressful day at work, while others see it as a practical way to express their creativity and create items for themselves and gifts to give to friends and family members. Whatever reason you have for knitting or wanting to knit, the internet is full of ideas and advice to make the hobby even more enjoyable.

Knitting Basics

Thanks to the internet, virtually anyone can learn to knit, watching step-by-step videos and reading detailed tutorials to help master every step of the process. Beginning knitters can learn how to select the right knitting needles, choose the proper yarn and get started with a basic stitch. More advanced knitters can learn more complicated stitches and how to refine their knitting skills.

Knitting Help – Free videos give beginning knitters up-close instruction to help them learn to knit.

How to Knit – This step-by-step guide offers an overview of the process of knitting.

Knitting Tips by Judy: Basic Stitches – Pictures and video help beginning knitters learn to cast and pick up new stitches.

How to Wind a Skein Into a Ball – Once knitters learn how to wind a skein into a ball, they can begin knitting with ease.

Knitting: A Beginner’s Guide – This comprehensive guide shows beginning knitters all they need to know to get started.

Knit.101 – Beginning knitters and those who need to brush up on their skills can get an overview of the basics.

KnitPicks: Beginner Tutorials – Tutorials cover everything a beginning knitter needs to know.

Knitting Supplies: A Checklist – Make sure you have everything on hand so you’re ready to start knitting.

Knitting Tips

Learning to knit is a process and even seasoned knitters make mistakes every now and then. Thankfully, other knitters are willing to share what they have learned and offer tips to make knitting easier. Their tips range from how to avoid dropping a stitch to learning how to keep the front of a sweater flat while knitting.

Creative Knitting Newsletter – Regular newsletters feature tutorials, tips and free patterns to help knitters.

Knit Witch: Knitting Videos – These videos cover both basic and advanced knitting techniques.

How to Become an “Expert” Knitter – This in-depth guide give new and seasoned knitters everything they need to know.

Organizing Knitting Needles – Keep your knitting needles organized and ready to go when you want to knit.

12 Tips on How to Organize Your Yarn Stash – Keep your yarn from getting tangled up and make sure it is ready to go.

Maggie’s Rags: Knitting Tips – Find tips on nearly every aspect of knitting for both beginners and advanced knitters.

Knitting Projects and Patterns

After a while, knitting the same scarf pattern in different colors or making the same booties for every pregnant friend can get old. Once you have learned a few basic stitches, you can branch out and try new projects and patterns. Even beginning knitters can start making sweaters, hats and unique gift items with the free patterns and project ideas available online.

Knitty: Pattern Library – Browse back issues of Knitty to find free patterns for virtually anything you want to knit.

Lion Brand Yarns: Free Knitting Patterns – Free patterns for adults, babies, children, dogs and more.

Michaels: All Knit – Access all of Michael’s free knitting projects and patterns.

25 Free Beginning Knitter Patterns – Beginning knitters can move beyond scarves and squares and try their hand at fun projects.

VOGUEKnitting: Free Projects – Find trendy knitting projects to expand your knitting skills.

140 Easy and Free Knitting Patterns – These free patterns range from baby items to household décor.

Ravelry – Knitters can connect with other knitters to find patterns and share projects.